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Top 3 accessible places to discover in Slovenia

Ljubljana tour

Slovenia is small centrally European located country, which has much to offer. Don’t let that its small size deceive you; this country has it all: great architecture and culture, rich history, spectacular nature and delicious food. In this article, we would like you to get to know 3 of the must-see places if you are looking for the accessible travel destinations.

1. Ljubljana

Ljubljana tour

Slovenian capital is beautiful and romantic city and widely accessible too! Ljubljana center has largely pedestrianized areas, which are wheelchair friendly. You can explore the city by yourself, take a ”Cavalier,” an electrical vehicle, which drives around the center. Maybe you want to see the city from a different perspective if so, you can either take an accessible boat ride, or you can take a funicular to see the town from above. The funicular will take you from the center to the 16th-century castle, where you can enjoy the views and learn about the history of the castle and Ljubljana. You can soak up an atmosphere in a castle bar and enjoy the views. In the center, there are few bars/restaurants accessible to persons on the wheelchairs.


2. Postojna Cave


Postojna Cave

One of the highlights in Slovenia is accessible to persons, who uses wheelchairs! The electrical train ride into the Earth is appropriate for everybody; you just need to arrange the path, which you will take – depends on your wishes and type of your chair/walking. If you prefer a scooter, then you will stay on the train and see the cave from there, and if you have a foldable chair, you can join the guided tour through the cave.

Postojna cave one of the few caves in the world, accessible to a wider range of persons and especially to individuals with disabilities.
The unique underground system was created by the Pivka River and was first described in the 17th century. Today it is still the home of a ‘dragon’ or proteus-olm-with human-like skin. In the cave, you will get to see different fairytale-like forms, created only by nature.

3. Koper

Koper tour

This Mediterranean lively town has much to offer. You can visit it any time of the year, and you will never get disappointed. Its mild climate will make you fall in love! You can explore the town on your own or hire a local guide. Bars and restaurants have their tables outside through the year, but you may find it difficult to find one with accessible toilets. Anyway, there are clean and functional public accessible toilets, open throughout the year. While in Koper, you can also visit nearby Izola or Piran!

Koper accessible tour