Accessible Tour of Koper – The Goat’s Town

Discover Koper on the accessible tour of Koper with us. The city is the largest and most important city today in Slovenian Istria. The city was significantly changed throughout history but kept an important role in the region. You can also explore the importance of Koper through all the different names Koper has had through years. Today Koper represents the administrative, educational, cultural, industrial and tourist center in the area and it is the most important Slovenian port.

Koper is quite accessible so that you can enjoy the city in a relaxed way. This will be the primary focus of your professional and licensed local guide, who will show you the most important highlights of the town and tell you about the stories and legends of the place, which are still living today.

Accessible tour of KoperWe will lead you from the meeting point to discover the rich history, present, and legends, which Koper offers:

  • Muda Gate used to be one of the gates, which led into town. You will hear a story about Šavrinke and the Lion Castle.
  • Preseren Square with fountain.
  • Tito Square, which is one of the most beautiful central squares from Dubrovnik to Venice with many of famous and beautiful buildings.
  • The Cathedral with great architecture outside and inside.
  • Kidriceva Street with attractive facades and palaces.
  • Carpaccio Square where, among other, you will find out, why the fresh thin beef steak is called carpaccio.
  • Promenade represents the main meeting point of locals and tourist and it is one of the liveliest areas of Koper.

The tour lasts around 1,5 hour but we can either extend or shorten it. The tour is completely accessible, and the guide can also advise you on bars and restaurants in Koper. The tour is private so we can adapt it to the interests or needs of the visitors.

Prices: from 170 € for a guided tour and from 290€ for a guide and a drive.

Options: wine tasting, local food tasting, lunch/dinner

The departure time and place: by agreement (Koper, Izola, Piran, Ljubljana…)