Accessible Slovenia

We are a small business owners with the seat of our company on the Istrian peninsula which is located in the north-eastern Adriatic Sea.

During the years of study we have become involved in the tourism and hospitality business and with years passing we have got ever more specialized in this field. Now we are developing especially in two ways: accessible tourism and quality tour guiding.

ines accessible tourInes: graduated in cultural and natural heritage, masters in accessible tourism and inclusive education, licensed local guide.

I’m dedicating to the development, promotion, education and raising awareness about accessible tourism. I’m involved in tourism services for almost 15 years, I have been working as a receptionist and concierge in a hotel, organizing events for children and adults. I have been teaching hospitality and tourism to students with special needs. I’m also a licensed local tour guide, focusing on making the tourist offer in our region as accessible as possible.

demian-fotkaDemian: an entrepreneur, owner of a tourist agency, a graduated organizer of tourism and licensed national and local tourist guide.

In the past I have worked as a receptionist, animator, supervisor at a casino and informant for Slovenia at tourism fairs in Europe. Currently my professional life is dedicated to providing quality tour guide services in Slovenia and the Istrian region (Croatia and Italy).

We try our best to have a professional yet friendly attitude towards our guests. The hospitality for us is not just work, but it is a way of living. We also perceive accessible tourism as an opportunity for our region, especially if managed in a sustainable manner. It could change our communities and lives for the better. Because of all of the above mentioned you are very welcome to get in touch with us.

The seat of our company is located in Slovenia.